Mashkhur Jusup Central Mosque in Pavlodar - Kazakhstan


One of the main sights of Pavlodar is the architectural complex of the Main Mosque with 1500 seats and madrasah that is situated in the park with the 6 hectare area. It has basic entries from Kutuzov, Krivenko, Kairbaev streets.

Built in the city centre, the mosque has two prayer halls that can accommodate 1,200 men and 300 women respectively. It is adorned with an 8-axis star, a dome and 4 minarets. In addition to its religious facilities, it houses a school, wedding hall, Islamic culture museum, library, cinema, dinning room, and various other rooms. Monolithic iron concrete, brick, metal, alucobond, and aluminum were the primary building materials. The mosque has brought a new wave of spiritual and culture life back into the city and its architecture has influenced many other urban designs.;


Address: Mashkhur Jusup Central Mosque
Kutuzov St, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan ‎

map for Mashkhur Jusup Central Mosque

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