Masjid Ul Furqaan in Houghton - South Africa


Masjid Ul Furqaan in Houghton - South Africa

In the early 90s with the beginning of the end of the apartheid era a few Muslim families moved into the Houghton area. And as is the sunnah practice they established a Jamaat Khana.

The muslim community grew and with it the yearning for a fully fledged Masjid.

Alhamdulillah, consensus with senior Ulama was made, funds within the community was raised and in 1996 land on 52 second ave was purchased.
The Jamaat khana was moved to the new premises and a Madressah was established. In August 1996 the first Jummah was performed and the first Eid salaat was performed on the then tennis court on the property.

In 2009 demolition of the property started and a year later construction earnestly began. The Jamaat Khana moved temporarily to a home sponsored by one of the Mussallees and salaat continued from there.

Around July 2011, with the grace and mercy of Allah SA, with the duas and contributions of one and all, ‘Masjid-ul-Furqaan” was complete.;


address:Masjid ul Furqaan / Houghton Muslim Association
52 2nd Avenue
Johannesburg, 2198
South Africa

map for Masjid ul Furqaan

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