Medina Baay mosque in Kawlax - Senegal


Medina Baay a neighborhood on the northeast edge of the city of Kawlax in Senegal, is the headquarters of the Ibrahimiyyah branch of the Tijniyyah Sufi order and was founded by Ibrahima Niass.

Medina Baay is a center of Islamic learning and Sufi practice on the outskirts of Kaolack, Senegal established in 1930 by Shaikh Ibrahima Niass (1900-1975), a leader of the Tijani Sufi order who has millions of followers worldwide. The Medina Baay Research Association (originally called the Medina Baay Historical and Social Research Committee) conducts and presents research on the history and current dimensions of Shaikh Ibrahim’s disciples worldwide. The Association began its research in 2004, founded by anthropologist Joseph Hill and residents of Medina Baay, and since then its members have conducted research sporadically.;


Address: Médina Baye
Kaolack, Senegal ‎

map for Médina Baye

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