Midnight Sun Mosque in Inuvik - Canada


The northernmost mosque in North America has opened in Inuvik, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, where there is a growing Muslim population. After being assembled in the city of Winnipeg, the building travelled some 4,500km (2,800 miles) along both rivers and roads to get to its destination.

Inuvik has roughly 3,200 residents, some 80 of whom are Muslim. The new 1,554-sq-ft (144-sq-m) building is a step up from the one-bedroom trailer Muslims in the town have used for prayer services over the past 10 years.;


map for Midnight Sun Mosque

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  1. Beautyful mosque .sobhan allah

  2. Abdul Warith says:

    It's a source of 'Heart-Warming' to see this beautiful Masjid, Ma'ashAllah! May Allah accept and bless those who became a means for The House of Allah to come into existence!

  3. vakil says:

    inshallah i will offer salat there when i go to inuvik to herd reindeer

  4. Sulaiman says:

    Mashaa ALLAH!

  5. very very thank you my . in kurdistan.

  6. Hamid says:

    Thank you for short and beautiful article. May Allah bless everyone help us to build this most northern mosque. Hamid from Inuvik

  7. Aisha says:

    Beautiful mosque, God bless you. A. from Nunavik


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