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Mishkal Mosque (Malayalam: മിശ്കാൽ പള്ളി) is a medieval mosque located in Calicut in the Indian state of Kerala. The mosque, one of the oldest in Malabar, is an important cultural, historical and architectural monument in Kerala.

The mosque was built by a rich Arab merchant, Nakhooda Mishkal, in the 14th century. It is named "Mishkal Mosque" after him. It is located in Kuttichira, a part of Thekkepuram region in Calicut.

In 1510, the mosque was partially burned in a Portuguese attack. The top floors of the mosque still display some of that damage. Mishkal Mosque originally had five stories. It was reconstructed after the fire in 1510 and now has four stories.Typical for similarly aged mosques in Malabar, it has no cupolas and minarets and heavily employs timber.;


address:Mishkal Mosque
Bavootty haji Rd
Kozhikode, Kerala 673001

map for Mishkal Mosque

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