Mugdat Mosque in Mersin - Turkey


Muğdat Mosque (Turkish: Muğdat Camisi) is a large mosque in Mersin, Turkey. It is named after Miktat bin Esved, one of the early Muslims. The mosque was built in 1980s in the Yenişehir intracity district of Mersin. Although the official name of the neighbourhood is Gazi, it is usually called Muğdat after the name of the mosque. The mosque is situated at the north of a park and the distance to Mediterranean sea side is about 300 metres (980 ft). The total area of the mosque including the yard is 7,900 square metres (85,000 sq ft) and the base area of the building is 3,070 square metres (33,000 sq ft)

The mosque has a capacity to offer service to 5500 people. With this capacity it is the largest mosque in Mersin and the third largest mosque built during the Republican era of Turkey. It is also one of the three six-minaret mosques of Turkey. (Originally the mosque had four minaters, the next two were added recently) The height of the minarets is 81 metres (266 ft). On each minaret there are three minaret balconies (Turkish: şerefe) .

Muğdat mosque is actually a complex like the traditional Ottoman mosques. In addition to religious services, the mosque has facilities including a conference room, a library, a guest house and a health center. The basement of the building is a supermarket.;


Address: Hazreti Muğdat Cami
Gazi Mh., 33130 Mersin, Turkey

Map for Hazreti Muğdat Cami

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