Nanguan mosque in Yinchuan - China


Yinchuan Nanguan mosque is home to the Islamic Cultural Centre of Yinchuan. Nanguan mosque has been built for a long time.Original built during the end of the Ming dynasty, Nanguan mosque was rebuilt and expanded in 1916.

Covering an area of 2074 square meters,the mosque is divided into two layers.The main prayer hall is located in the upstair. The building follows the Arab architectural style and ethnic characteristics. The fine intricate details of the décor are truly magnificent.

Nanguan mosque is famous for its unique, elegant and dignified characteristics, as well as rich Islamic architectural style.It is one of the important musques for religious activities and tourist attractions in Ningxia;


address:Nanguan Mosque Musilin Qingzhen
Yuhuangge S St
Xingqing, Yinchuan, Ningxia

map for Nanguan mosque

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