Orta Juma Jami Mosque in Crimea - Ukraine


Orta Juma Jami (Ukrainian: Мечеть Орта Джума Джамі, Crimean Tatar: Orta Cuma Cami, Russian: Мечеть Орта Джума Джами) is one of the oldest mosques in Crimea. It is situated on the modern day Lenina street in the old town of Bakhchisaray

It used to be the main Friday prayer mosque in the capital of Crimean Khanate. The earliest known mention of it was in 1674, as a Ma'ale mosque (main mosque of the corresponding district). The mosque was in bad condition and its minaret along with some other small surrounding buildings were completely destroyed until the end of 2012 when its reconstruction started. It is financed mostly with the support of Turkish and numerous local donations.The reconstruction also involved rebuilding of the minaret from the scratch as well as some minor buildings previously located next to the mosque. Currently, as many years ago, it is once again one of the most important places in Bakhchisaray.;


address:Orta Cuma Cami
Lenina street
Bakhchysarai, Crimea
98401, Ukraine

map for Orta Cuma Cami

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