Pertempatan Melayu Mosque in Sembawang - Singapore


Masjid Pertempatan Melayu Sembawang (Mosque)
Set in a secondary forest, this mosque along JalanMempurong was completed in 1963 as a place of worship for the MalayMuslims staying in Sembawang.

Before the mosque was built, Muslims living in kampungs nearbyhad to pray at suraus (Malay: small prayer house) or at the formerMasjid Jumah Sembawang along Sembawang Road.

In the early 1960s, funds were raised to build a mosque here.One of the biggest contributions came from Lee Foundation, whichdonated $10,000. When the mosque was completed, it was named MasjidKampung Tengah, after the kampung it was located in. In 1960, thearea along the coast was populated by the Malay community. Thisarea was known as the Malay Settlement for ‘Petempatan MelayuSembawang’. The mosque was later renamed after the settlement asMasjid Petempatan Malayu Sembawang. For many years, it served asthe social and religious centre of neighbouring Malay kampungs.Important rituals were carried out here, such as the cukur rambut(Malay: shaving of newborns’ hair) and weddings.;


address:Penempatan Melayu Sembawang Mosque
27B Jln Mempurong

map for Penempatan Melayu Sembawang Mosque

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