Plateau Mosque in Abidjan - Ivory Coast


Plateau Mosque in Abidjan - Ivory Coast

In March 1996, started the building project of the Mosque of Plateau. Over the course of the work, the minaret and the gold blue dome of this beautiful religious building, eventually emerged in the landscape of Plateau, the business district of Abidjan, where the Presidential Palace and the Town Hall also stand.

Unfortunately, as it is often the case with all the great works of faith, the construction of this impressive building dedicated to the Almighty, which began with enthusiasm, went through many interruptions and stopped in December 1999, due to lack of funds.

At that date, the work achieved amounted to 8.16 billion francs CFA (US $16.32 million) for an initial total cost of about 10 billion francs CFA (US $20 million) updated, in June 2008, to 13.47 billion francs CFA (US $26.94 million).;


Address:Grande Mosquee
Avenue Crosson Duplessis

map for Grande Mosquee Abidjan

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