Raiwind Markaz in Lahore - Pakistan


Raiwind Markaz is a building Complex (consisting main Mosque, Madrissa Arabia, and residential areas) in Raiwind, Lahore, Pakistan which is the home of the religious movement Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan. It hosts the annual Ijtema (gathering) of Tablighi Jamaat which the second largest gathering of Tablighi Jamaat and third largest gathering of Muslims in World after Hajj, Arba’een Iraq and Bishwa Ijtema…;


Address: Tableeghi Markaz
Raiwind 54000, Pakistan

Map for Tableeghi Markaz

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  1. Plz give me a zikar

  2. masood says:

    Going for training in uk need a number or email in UK for se roza (03 days).

  3. Femida Moola says:

    As Salam waalaikum.. My brother and sister in law left South Africa 10 days ago to go to the Raiwind Markus but we have not heard from them since. Is there any way of knowing if they are there. Their names are Moylan a Feroz Moola and Shakeerah Subrathie. Jazakallah for any assistance .

  4. sohail says:

    do you have mosque in uk

  5. Arslan says:

    Dear mujhe bhai number udhar jo waha tableeghi jamat ka arengments karta hu

  6. [ALLAH] wsalam

  7. ijaz ul haq says:

    maShaAllah I need molana Tariq Jamil number any one can help me????

  8. mashallah very very beautiful mosque or place

  9. Mehak says:

    i Need Raiwind Makaz Number Any Person Who Biyan On Stage. Note. If Easily Gave Number Of Molana Tariq Jameel I Am So Lucky Because I Discus Islami Metters. Thanx.


  11. shahbaz says:

    subhan Allah

  12. abdullah says:

    Allah tableegh walo ko bohat jazae khair ata farmaye Ameeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

  13. hashim says:

    Dunia k khair khwa markaz IKLASS KA MAMBA LOGO


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