Sapporo Mosque in Hokkaido - Japan


Sapporo Masjid | Hokkaido Islamic Society

he H.I.S. is a non-political organization adhering to the common teachings of Islam within the law of Japan.

This society was established in August 1992 by Muslims who were then residing in Hokkaido.

Ever since the establishment of H.I.S ,we have undertaken various measures towards the very difficult but ultimate objective of strengthening the Muslim society and building a mosque for this community (Insha Allah) in a country whose people have very little or no knowledge on the religion of Islam.;


address: Sapporo Mosque
Hokkaido 3-7-2 Nishi,
Kita 14jo, Kita-ku,
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

map for Sapporo Mosque

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