Serefudins White Mosque in Visoko - Bosnia and Herzegovina


Šerefudin’s White Mosque (Bosnian: Šerefudinova Bijela džamija) is a mosque located in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is of great architectural importance to the town and area. The mosque’s architect was Zlatko Ugljen, the craftsman was Ismet Imamović, while the contractor was Zvijezda from Visoko. First construction was completed in 1477, but it was completely reconstructed and finished in 1980. Its most notable award came in 1983, when it was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. The jury commended the mosque for its boldness, creativity and brilliance, as well as its originality and innovation. In 2007 it received another recognition from Hungarian architects for being one of the three best designed sacral places in Europe.;


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