Sinan Pasha Mosque in Damascus - Syria


Sinan Pasha Mosque (Arabic: جامع السنانية‎, transliteration: Jami al-Sinaniya, Turkish: Sinan Paşa Camii) is an early Ottoman-era mosque in Damascus, Syria, located along Suq Sinaniyya Street.

The mosque was built in 1590 by Sinan Pasha, the Ottoman-appointed governor of Damascus from 1589 to 1593. It stands on the site of an older mosque called the Mosque of Basal to the southwest of the walled city. The donor, Sinan Pasha, also served as the governor of Cairo and as the grand vizier to the sultan, and is known for his role in the Ottoman conquest of Yemen.;


address: جامع السنانية
Aal Al Bait, Damascus, Syria

Map for جامع السنانية

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