Stanley Mosque in Hong Kong - China


Stanley Mosque (Chinese: 赤柱清真寺) is a mosque in Stanley, Hong Kong, China. It is the fourth mosque built in Hong Kong and it is located at the Stanley Prison. In the early 20th century, there were around 400 Muslim employees from Pakistan and India working for the Prison Department of Hong Kong. The headquarter office of the department was initially located at Arbuthnot Road. Most of them went to Jamia Mosque to perform their prayer.

However, following the relocation of the headquarter from Arbuthnot Road to Stanley Prison which is much further away, there was a demand to set up a new mosque around the prison area to cater for the welfare and religious needs for the prison Muslim staffs. Thus, Stanley Mosque was opened inside the prison on 1 January 1937.

With the declining number of Muslims serving the prison and around the area, there has been a plan from the government to demolish the mosque or convert it into bar for government officials;


Address: Stanley Mosque
53 Tung Tau Wan Rd

Map for Stanley Mosque

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