Sunshine Mosque in Victoria - Australia


Cyprus Turkish Islamic Community of Victoria, more commonly known as the Sunshine Mosque, is an Ottoman/Turkish-style mosque in Sunshine, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The Mosque contains 17 domes, a minaret, and a courtyard.

In 1985, the Turkish Cypriot community in Melbourne saw the potential to build a mosque in a vacant block on Ballarat Road in Sunshine, Melbourne. Three members of the Cyprus Turkish Islamic Society offered their homes as guarantors to the Bank and became the proprietors of the lot for $191,000. Construction of the Turkish Cypriot Mosque began in 1992. The Mosque was designed to mirror the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. According to a recent calculation by the committee of the Cyprus Turkish Islamic Society, the total expenditure of the Mosque exceeds $2,500,000;


Address: Sunshine Mosque
618 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine VIC 3022,

Map for Sunshine Mosque

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