Taichung Mosque in Taiwan


Taichung Mosque (Chinese: 台中清真寺; pinyin: Táizhōng Qīngzhēnsì) is a mosque in Nantun District, Taichung, Taiwan. It is the fourth mosque to be built in Taiwan.

After fleeing Mainland China with the Nationalist Government at the end of Chinese Civil War in 1949, some Chinese Muslims resided in Tianzhong, Changhua. To accommodate theirs needs to pray, Muslims did their prayers in some houses. When their number grew bigger, they started to plan to build a mosque. Muslims in Taichung started to build a mosque in 1951 with funds raised from various sources, including the government of Saudi Arabia.

Due to financial difficulties, the mosque construction project was temporarily halted until May 1989 before it proceeded again until its completion in August 1990. With additional buildings and hardware, the entire construction project of the mosque was completed in 1994 which resulted the current mosque building used today.;


address: Taichung Mosque
No. 457, Dàdūn South Rd,
Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 408 ‎

Map for Taichung Mosque

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