Tainan Mosque in Taiwan


Tainan Mosque (Chinese: 台南清真寺; pinyin: Táinán Qīngzhēnsì) is a mosque in East District, Tainan, Taiwan. It is the sixth mosque to be built in Taiwan. Before the establishment of the mosque, Muslims around Tainan had to travel to Kaohsiung for any mosque-related activities in the Kaohsiung Mosque. A land was donated by Wang Huihuan, a local Muslim living in the United States. Initially the land title was given to Taipei Grand Mosque, but then it was transferred to Kaohsiung Mosque which managed the construction of Tainan Mosque.

At the end of 1983, the fund raising of the mosque began, led by Bai Yuqi of the Kaohsiung Mosque board of chairman. Funds were raised as a specific mission listed in the construction budget book of the Tainan Mosque. As a result, Tainan Mosque was subordinated to Kaohsiung Mosque as a branch, and the imam of Tainan Mosque is often the vice imam of Kaohsiung Mosque. The fund raising lasted for over 10 years and the construction of the mosque building finally commenced in 1993. The construction was completed in September 1996.;


address: Tainan Mosque
No. 12, Lane 34, Alley 77, Section 3,
Chunghwa East Road, Taiwan ‎

Map for Tainan Mosque

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