Taluksangay Mosque in Barangay - Philippines


Taluksangay Mosque was built by Hadji Abdullah Maas Nuno in 1885 in the Barangay Taluksangay in Zamboanga and is the oldest mosque in Western Mindanao.

Taluksangay was the first center of Islamic propagation in the Zamboanga Peninsula. Muslim religious missionaries from Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo have been flocking to this village. A representative of the Sultan of Turkey (Sheik-Al Islam) visited this place in later part of 1914. At the height of the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) military conflict in 1973, members of the Quadripartite Committee, Generals Fidel V. Ramos and Romeo Espino, visited Taluksangay village. Even at the height of trouble during the 70’s, tourists continued to arrived in this historical village.

The inhabitants of Taluksangay are all Muslims. They are the descendants of the Sama Banguingui who were branded by history as pirates of Southeast Asia, but never conquered.;


Address:Taluksangay Mosque
Zamboanga City

Map for Taluksangay Mosque

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