Taric Islamic Centre in Toronto - Canada


Taric Islamic Centre in Toronto - Canada

Toronto and Region Islamic Congregation, commonly referred to by its acronym as TARIC Islamic Center is one of the largest and oldest Islamic Centers in the city of Toronto, Canada. With its distinct box-shaped oriental motif, TARIC makes a rather unusual and highly visible landmark in the city of Toronto, primarily due to its location on a vacant space near the very busy multi-level Hwy 401/Hwy 400 interchange.

Building of TARIC was originally conceived after securing a grant from the The World Islamic Call Society, following which purchase of 2.2 acres (8,900 m2) of land was completed in 1977. However, it was to take well over a decade to accumulate the necessary additional funds for the construction of a building. The current building structure was completed and opened to public in 1991, and is in fact only the first of a two-phase complex of a much larger building. The TARIC building houses a library, a gymnasium and the main prayer hall. With a full-time imam, weekend classes on Arabic and the basics of the Islamic religion are taught, as well as dawah programs and dialogue with local community and neighbourhood organizations.

TARIC's goal is to bring the simple, honest message of Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. This means stressing the importance of the five pillars of Islam encouraging Muslims to read the Qur'an, and to constantly practice zikkir (the remembrance of Allah).;


Address:TARIC Islamic Centre
99 Beverly Hill Dr.
North York, Ontario,
M3L 1A2

Map for TARIC Mosque canada

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