Tbilisi Mosque in Georgia


Arabian conquest of the 18th century was entailed with settlement of the Muslim population. According to Platon Ioseliani , the first mosque in Tbilisi was constructed in the 16th century it was the Shiite mosque constructed on the place of the devastated Christian church with the wish of the shah- Suleiman in 1522, this mosque was removed during the Metekhi bridge construction in 1950. despite this one, other Muslim worship places were in Tbilisi, such as: the Sunnite mosque at the end of the botanical garden, constructed in 1723-1735 during the Osman reign , which was destroyed in the middle of the 17th century with the order of Nadir- Shah . In 1846-1851 the mosque was renovated according o the project of the architect Jovanni Scoudier , but this latter one was also destroyed at the end of the 19th century and the present mosque was constructed on its place.

The eight angled Minaret of the brick mosque draws the attention even from the far distance and is perceived in a different ways from the various sides. The mosque, located at the end of the Botanical garden is the only functioning one at present, and it serves as the Shiite so the Sunnite Muslims. ;


Address: Tbilisi Mosque
Botanikuri St, Tbilisi, Georgia ‎

Map for Tbilisi Mosque

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