Tekkiye Mosque in Damascus - Syria


Tekkiye Mosque (Arabic: التكية السليمانية‎, Turkish: Tekkiye Camii) is a mosque complex in Damascus, Syria, located on the banks of the Barada River. The complex is composed of a large mosque on the southwest side of a courtyard, flanked by a single line of arcaded cells, and a soup kitchen across the courtyard to the northwest, flanked by hospice buildings.

It was built on the orders of Suleiman the Magnificent and designed by the architect Mimar Sinan between 1554 and 1560. A separate madrasa (Al-Salimiyah Madrasa) was added to the southeast of the Tekiyya complex by Selim II and is linked to the Tekiyya complex with a souk. Hospices were built around the mosque to accompany dervishes, known for their religious chants and whirling dances. It has been described as “The finest example in Damascus of Ottoman architecture.;


Address: Hospice Sulaymaniyah
Shoukry Al-Qouwatly, Damascus, Syria ‎

map for Hospice Sulaymaniyah

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