Tuatunu Great Mosque in Bangka - indonesia


Tuatunu Mosque is the largest mosque in the Bangka Belitung Province, located in the center urban ghetto in the village of Tuatunu Indah. This mosque inaugurated on March 20, 2008 by the Minister for Administrative Reforms, Taufik Effendi. This mosque financed by the Local Government of Pangkalpinang City and also supported by the Bangka Belitung Province. The Big Mosque of Tuatunu have a modern and traditional architecture which is equipped with advanced facilities such as an electronic drum, internet facilities and others. Besides being a place of worship, the mosque is expected to be the center of Islamic study and other activities nuanced of Islam.

Tuatunu Great Mosque was built on the land area of 9920 m2. The main ground floor has an area of 784 m2, 490 m2 floor and terrace both outer area of 520 m2. Towe of Tuatunu Great Mosque 47.5 meters high, and if you have enough stamina you can go up to the top of the stairs climbed a series of spins.;


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