Wadi Al Husein Mosque in Talomano Narathiwat - Thailand


Wadi Al Husein Mosque in Talomano Narathiwat – Thailand

The mosque in the village of Talomanoh, located about twenty-five kilometers from the provincial capital of Narathiwat, is known by many names. Colloquially it is known as Talomanoh, Telok Manok, or the Talok Manok mosque in reference to the village, Wadi Al-Hussein, or Vadialhussein mosque in reference to its patron, or 200 or even 300-year-old mosque in interpretation of its age. The mosque was most likely constructed around 1769, near the end of the Patani Sultanate. The involvement of the pronounced patron, Wadi Al-Hussein, or Wan Hussein Az-Sanawi, is ambiguous; he may have been involved in the original eighteenth century establishment of the mosque or perhaps in its 1960’s reconstruction;


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