Wembley Central Mosque in London - United Kingdom


Central Mosque Wembley (also known as Central Wembley Mosque and Wembley Central Mosque) is situated in the inner London Borough of Brent. The main mosque in North West London, it is located on Ealing Road and serves the UK’s fifth largest Muslim community, which is predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi.[citation needed] Along with the adjacent Muslim Welfare Association, it has a capacity of up to 2200 people.

The three-storey semi-detached building was originally a Protestant church designed by Thomas Colcutt and Stanley Hemp but was then purchased in 1993 for £380,000 by the mosque committee.[citation needed] Work began in 1993 and finished in 1996 with the committee spending £100,000 on refurbishing the whole building and the construction of a new ablution area for the men. The mosque has a large hall, a gallery, offices and a funeral room.

Construction began on the first expansion project called the Muslim Welfare Association in 2003. Adjacent to the mosque, it is a two-storey building which had been burnt down due to an electrical fault. The cost of the project was £500,000. The renovation work finished in 2005 including a brand new first floor. The centre has two halls, classrooms, ladies area, kitchen unit, meeting room and a main office;


address:Wembley Central Masjid
35-37 Ealing Rd
Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4AE

map for Wembley Central Masjid

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