Winterthur Mosque - Switzerland


Islamic-Albanian Association Winterthur

The Islamic-Abanian Association has been around since 1992. While in the beginning the association members met in inconvenient rooms around Winterthur, the need soon became clear for a separate building, and in 1999 the association began the search for a suitable location. In 2002 an industrial hall was found, the foundation stone was laid the same year, and conversion work could begin the following year. In 2004, with the help of volunteer donations and many hours of work by the association members, the conversion to a mosque was finally finished and ready to use.

Many of the architectural decisions during the construction work were made by majority decision of the association members. About one year later, the society received a permit for a small minaret, which was dedicated on 29th may 2005. The minaret can be seen particularly well from the nearby ice rink, and although the budget for a more distinct exterior design is still lacking, initial ideas are already underway.;


Address:Islamisch-Albanischer Verein Winterthur
Kronaustrasse 6
8404 Winterthur, Switzerland

Map for Islamisch-Albanischer Verein Winterthur

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