Xiao Tao Yuan Mosque in Shanghai - China


Xiao Tao Yuan Mosque in Shanghai - China

Xiao Taoyuan Mosque Islam Mosque. The formerly Muslim West Temple, Shanghai Xicheng back to church. Nanshi District, Shanghai Xiao Taoyuan Street 52. Is the the Shanghai Muslim religion and education, cultural activities center. Due Terakado facing Xiao Taoyuan Street, it is named “Xiao Taoyuan Mosque. The monastery was built in early 1917. 1925, rebuilt at its present location, a four West Asian Islamic architectural style dome mosque. Now, the monastery also has a Shanghai Mosque Management Committee, Shanghai Islamic Association and other agencies.;


Address:Shanghai Xiao tao yuan Mosque
Add: No. 52, Xiaotaoyuan Street,
Huangpu District, Shanghai

Map for Shanghai Xiao tao yuan Mosque

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