Youssef Dey Mosque in Tunis - Tunisia


Youssef Dey Mosque, also known as Al B’chamqiya, is a mosque in Tunis, Tunisia, located in Medina area of the city. The mosque is considered significant as it was the first Ottoman-Turkish mosque to be built in Tunis.

An official Historical Monument, it operated primarily as public speaking venue before becoming a real mosque by Youssef Dey in 1631. At the time it was the 11th mosque to be built in the capital. In the late nineteenth century it underwent extensive restoration, ordered by Ali Bey. A decree in 1926 saw the mosque become an annex of the University of Ez-Zitouna.;


Address:Mosquée Sidi Youssef Dey
Souk Trok

Map for youssef dey masjid

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