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Ziarat Shareef (Urdu: زیارت‎) is a mosque with a madrasah (Madrasah khāṣah (Arabic: مدرسة خاصة‎ English: private school) in the Kakrala District Budaun of Uttar Pradesh, India. The building was designed by Hazrat Shah Saqlain Miyan. The building also contains the Khatoli Shareef of Hazrat Shah Dargahi Miyan. People from across the country come to visit the Khatoli Shareef. This visit is called the ziyarat, hence the name of this building.

This madrasah is the oldest in Kakrala City. The main objective of the institution is to impart education to under-privileged students. This madrasah provides Islamic as well as modern education to students, who come from across northern India to pursue an Islamic education.;


address: Ziarat Shareef
Local Rd, Kakrala West, Kakrala,
Uttar Pradesh , India

Map for Ziarat Shareef

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