• Ar-Rahimah Mosuqe in Selangor - Malaysia

    Masjid Jamek Ar-Rahimah merupakan sebuah Masjid Jamek yang terletak dalam daerah Hulu Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. Ia menjadi pusat ibadat bagi masyarakat setempat.

    Masjid Jamek Ar-Rahimah terletak di kedudukan Latitud 3 darjah, 33 minit, 38 saat Utara dan Longitud 101 darjah, 32 minit, 25 saat Timur. Arah kiblatnya adalah pada 292 darjah, 21minit, 1 [Read More]

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  • King Faisal Mosque in Marawi - Philippines

    The biggest mosque in Marawi City, this structure is located in Mindanao State University. It is named after the former king of Saudi Arabia who also financed its construction. The structure is noticeable for its pale and dark green colors. Then again, it is also painted green for a reason: the color green is a traditional color of Islam and it is used to de [Read More]

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  • Gogceli Mosque in Samsun - Turkey

    A wooden mosque in Turkey's northern Samsun province is still in use after 800 years, but more amazingly it has stayed standing without the help of a single nail.
    Officially called Göğceli Mosque, the place of worship is more popularly known as "Nailless Mosque," because of its unusual building technique.

    The mosque is located near the town [Read More]

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  • Ashiq Mosque in Karachi - Pakistan

    Karachi’s Bahria Town opened its first mosque for the residents and visitors on Tuesday.
    Masjid-e-Ashiq is named after the father of Malik Riaz Hussain.

    Sprawling over 2.5 acres of land, Masjid-e-Ashiq has a capacity of 2,500 worshippers, with a 160 feet high central minaret. With the diameter of 35 feet, the dome of the masjid is 85 feet hig [Read More]

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  • Tempe Mosuqe in Arizona - USA

    Mosque was established just north of the campus of Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe in 1984. Its beautiful architecture is modeled after the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem; the eight-sided structure has a minaret and a gold dome. Prior to establishing the center, Muslims used to gather in local homes or commute to Phoenix mosques for Friday prayers.

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  • Albanian American Islamic Center in Glendale - USA

    Albanian-American Islamic Center of Queens in Glendale, NY

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  • Al Azhar Mosque in Padang - Indonesia

    Mesjid Al azhar UNP yang terletak di dekat gerbang utama UNP merupakan salah satu bangunan baru yang didirikan di kampus pusat UNP. Mesjid ini bersebelahan dengan mesjid Al Azhar yang lama yang akan dirobohkan dalam proyek IDB UNP. Mesjid Al Azhar yang baru ini terdiri dari tiga lantai yang didesain oleh Bapak Azrul Harmen dosen teknik sipil UNP.

    [Read More]

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  • Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque in Ramallah - Palestine

    Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque (Arabic: مسجد جمال عبد الناصر‎‎ Masjid Jamal 'Abd an-Nasser) is the largest mosque in al-Bireh, in the central West Bank. Located in the Downtown district of the city, the mosque is named after the late Egyptian president and Arab leader Gamal Abdel Nasser.

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  • Alaeddin Mosque in Konya - Turkey

    Completed in 1220, the Alaeddin Camii is the oldest known Seljuk mosque in Turkey. It is built into the hill that forms the citadel of Konya; its pointed arch and round domes atop two tombs are prominent features in Konya's cityscape. With the exception of Izzeddin Keykavus, all of the Seljuk sultans after 1156 are interred in the complex.

    Its obl [Read More]

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  • Minsk Mosque in Belarus

    Turkish and Belarussian leaders inaugurated Minsk Mosque in the eponymous capital of the eastern European country on Friday in a grand ceremony. The mosque, a replica of the original one built in 19th century and destroyed during the Soviet era five decades ago, was built by Diyanet Foundation linked to Turkey's state-run Presidency of Religious Affairs. [Read More]

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  • Ar Rahma Mosque in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

    أول مسجد في العالم يبنى على سطح البحر، يستقبل الحجاج والمعتمرين لزيارته ويعتبر من أهم المعالم في جدة، حيث وصل عدد زوار المسجد في عام 2009 إلى 20.000 زائر من الحجاج والمعتمرين من جميع الجنسيات المختلفة.

    المسجد هو مزيج رائع للعمارة الحديثة والقديمة والفن الإسلامي ولقد بني بأحدث التقنيات والمعدات وبأنظمة صوت وإضاءة متطورة. يتكون من 52 قبة خارجية تحيط [Read More]

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  • Baitur Rauf Mosque in Dhaka - Bangladesh

    Bait Ur Rouf Mosque - Bangaldesh

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