de Lyon Mosque in France


Grande mosquée de Lyon
The Grande mosquée de Lyon (“Great Mosque of Lyon”), France’s sixth largest mosque, was officially inaugurated on 30 September 1994. It is located at 146 Boulevard Pinel, 5 km east of Presqu’île in Lyon. The Mosque includes cultural facilities, a library and a school. It was designed by the Lyon architects Ballandras and Mirabeau and largely funded by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. It combines traditional Maghreb architecture and calligraphy with a modern Western style. The façade is composed of Persian arches. The Mosque also boasts a 25-metre minaret. The entrance is covered by a glass pyramid that includes 230 columns. The Great Mosque of Lyon also has an association of halal certification called ARGML. This is the most reliable association of halal certification in France.;


Address: Grande mosquée de Lyon
146 Boulevard Pinel,
69008 Lyon, France

Map for Grande mosquée de Lyon

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