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Glasgow Central Mosque is located on the south bank of the River Clyde in the Gorbals district of central Glasgow. The Mosque was built in 1983. Retired businessman Muhammed Tufail Shaheen MBE, an active community leader and President of the Glasgow Central Mosque, was instrumental in its building. The central Mosque was formally opened in 1984 by H E. Abdullah Omar Nasseef, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League. Built on a 4-acre (16,000 m2) site, the present Mosque is shortly to be enhanced by the new Islamic Centre to be erected on an adjacent 4-acre (16,000 m2) site. The new Islamic Centre will contain a general purpose hall, sports and changing facilities, meeting rooms, library, cafeteria and facilities which will offer education and welfare support to the community. The mosque was built at a cost of three million pounds. The courtyard of the mosque is in keeping with the traditional Arabesque style. It is enclosed on one of its sides by gardens and on the other by a long façade of arched windows. The main entrance arched with etched glass doors of a floral design. In the courtyard is one of the most noticeable features being the Minaret (tower) where traditionally the Muezzin recites the call to prayer stands.

The other more noticeable feature is the dome above the main prayer hall allowing natural light into the building. Inside the mosque is a recess which is called the Mihrab where the Imam stands. The Mihrab points in the direction of Mecca. Enclosed in a walled garden and with a separate minaret, the mosque combines Islamic architecture with the characteristic Old Red Sandstone material used to build many of Glasgow’s buildings. The building can accommodate 2500 worshippers.;


Address: Glasgow Central Mosque
1 Mosque Avenue, Gorbals,
Glasgow G5 9TA, United Kingdom ‎

Map for Central Mosque Glasgow

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