Al Rajhi Mosque in Mecca - Saudi Arabia


Al Rajhi Mosque in Mecca - Saudi Arabia

Opened by Royal Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Governor of Makkah Aisha Sulaiman Al Rajhi Mosque in the scheme of the breeze in Makkah, which can accommodate more than 47 thousand worshipers, which was built by businessman Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rajhi stood from his mother. Area of ​​the mosque is estimated at 60 846 square meters, contains warehouses and parking and electro Mkanekih services and technical processing plants. The outdoor spaces equipped with an estimated 10899 square meters and has absorbed the mosque 47 084 worshipers, 22320 worshipers to inland areas and 18164 worshipers of Yards and foreign 6600 surfactant serum. The mosque contains a programmed lighting units for remote control and has a television camera system and a water treatment system. The mosque has a building management system to control the air conditioning system and control of pumps, generators, escalators and technical treatment plants and exterior lighting and electrical systems to reduce the cost of electric power. It features the mosque prayers lounge and dining hall and rims Matkvan, toilets are equipped with the latest equipment, and in the mosque and the role of scientific library devoted to scientific lectures.;


address: Al-Rajhi Mosque
Mecca 24245, Saudi Arabia

Map for Al-Rajhi Mosque

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  1. atri yuanda says:

    masha allah, went i can visit this mosque is so beautyfull

  2. Mashaa Allah ...the masjid is a breathtaking it has a very nice view with beautiful architecture I adore doing my JUMA salaat at Masjid Arajhi.

  3. masha allah i miss u al radhi mosque


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