Omar Mosque in San Jose - Costa Rica


Omar Mosque in San Jose - Costa Rica;


address:Mezquita de Omar y Centro Cultural Musulmán
San Jose, Costa Rica

map for Mezquita de Omar y Centro Cultural Musulmán

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  1. I am looking for an Islamic center or Islamic charity in Costa Rica Is it possible for someone to send me a mail or a link to an Islamic center or charity?

  2. Abdul Latiff says:

    Friday prayers start at 1pm and end at 2pm. Even though zuhur at 1130 am. This is to allow travelling time for brothers to gather. It has been a great visit to Masjid Omar. In shaa Allah. Assalam mualaikum from Singapore.

  3. Alslam alikum brother and sister. I am glad I have found this masjid in Costa Rica and wandering how is the life and living in Costa Rica for muslim and Arabic family I am living in USA and I love to move to Costa Rica and live our life there but as you know it's not easy for us to bland in any where I know the ticos are very nice and friendly people but I need to ask you in general can we live in pace there and how is the cost of living Thanks

  4. What time is the friday prayer ??


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