Sallim Mattar Mosque in Singapore


Masjid Sallim Mattar or Sallim Mattar Mosque is a mosque in Singapore serving the Muslim community in the Macpherson Estate. It organizes madrasahs on Sunday and the Friday Prayer. It is located along Mattar Road opposite Macpherson Primary School.

This mosque was originally built in 1960 by Shaikh Sallim Mattar, a Singaporean Arab. The mosque was reminiscent of village suraus in the 1960s. It has since been redeveloped to accommodate 1,400 people. It is sited within walking distance from Darul Ihsan, an orphanage. The mosque’s main patrons are Muslims working around the Macpherson industrial estate as well as residents living nearby.

The mosque opens from 5.00am to 9.00pm.;


address:Masjid Sallim Mattar
1 Mattar Rd
Singapore 387713

map for Masjid Sallim Mattar

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