Deer Park Mosque in Melbourne - Australia


Deer Park Mosque in Melbourne - Australia

Deer Park Mosque, is located in the Melbourne north-western suburb of Albanvale (adjacent to the suburb of Deer Park), in Victoria, Australia. The Deer Park mosque was built in 1993 as the religious focal point for the well established Bosnian community in Melbourne.

The roots of the Deer Park mosque go back to the 1960s when the first Bosnian Muslims in Australia gathered and established a multi-ethnic Islamic community in Carlton and Footscray.

It is supervised by the The Australian Bosnian Islamic Society.

The Deer Park Mosque is among one of the largest mosques in Australia.;


Address:Australian Bosnian Islamic Society Of Deer Park
285 Station Road Deer Park Melbourne 3021
Victoria,Melbourne, Australia

Map for Australian Bosnian Islamic Society Of Deer Park

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  1. To the Muslim Community: We could not say THANK YOU enough for those two ladies we met in front of Safeway car park Brimbank shopping Centre Deer Park, who were complete stranger to us but accepted our plea for help to take us to the train station on Sunday 1st March 2015. Thank you for giving us a lift to the train station when we asked for your help to take us there as Taxi was running late and nowhere near to pick us up. Although we were strangers to each other but you have showed kindness and love. We missed the train but the lesson we took home is the Love, understanding and courage you have given us on that day. We thank you so much. We want you to know that we cherish that experienced, taught us that above all there is LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING despite of our differences in race and culture. Australia is truly a blessed country. Sincerely Yours, Annie and Jucylyn

  2. mike petras says:

    Hi, i rember @ age of 12 passing Islamic center during the construction stage, i saw unity in the men, women elderly and children all working together Good Job to you all


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