Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim in Caracas - Venezuela


Mosque Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim or Caracas Mosque is a mosque in the El Recreo district of Caracas. It is the second largest mosque in Latin America after the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The construction of the mosque began in 1989 by Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz. The building was designed by architect Zuhe Fayez. The mosque occupies an area of 5000 m²; its minaret is 113 metres high (the highest in Latin America). The dome is 23 metres high. Construction of the mosque was completed in 1993. The mosque can hold around 3500 worshipers.;


Address: Mezquita Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim
Caracas, Venezuela ‎

Map for Mezquita Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz Al-Ibrahim

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