Al Omari Mosque in Beirut - Lebanon


Al-Omari Mosque, Beirut is one of the most ancient buildings of the city. The place has been beautifully preserved and this is one of the two mosques that belong to the 13th century. This mosque was made on the ruins and remains of a Byzantine church. The church was of St. John, which was originally constructed by the Crusaders. There are many evidences which throw light on the fact that this place had a Roman temple before the church was built. The place completes the multi-religious pat of Beirut. The place was again reconstructed by the Muslims of Beirut after the Islamic conquest Al-Fath-Islamy. This was fought during the reign of second Caliph Omar Bin Khattab. The Muslims made the place their own religious site and from that time the mosque is standing there.

The Al-Omari Mosque in Beirut had suffered lot of damage during the civil war. But there was a major restoration programme in Beirut during which all the important buildings and monuments of the city were renovated. At present the mosque is opened for all the respected visitors and the worshipers as well. The visit to this mosque will be a memorable one for all. The visitors can access the location of the mosque from any part of the city, since all the places are well connected by good communication facilities.;


Address: Al Omari Mosque
Majidiye, Beirut, Lebanon ‎

map for Al Omari Mosque

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