Al Noor Mosque in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic


Al Noor Mosque in Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

Círculo Islámico established the first mosque in the Dominican Republic in the center of Santo Domingo, about a five minute walk from the Palacio de Policía Nacional and the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) where Muslims from around the city would have easy access to reach it.;


Av Francia 66
Santo Domingo 10201
Dominican Republic


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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله ابحث عن جمعية اسلامية في الدومنك هل احد يتكرم يعطيني عنوان وبريد الكتروني لها فانا من الامارات دبي Peace and mercy of God I am looking for an Islamic association in the Dominique. Is anyone kindly giving me an address and an e - mail from the UAE

  2. Ssaalim says:

    Asalaam alaikum I'm a Dominican revert in the United States and I'm curious if there is a medresa in place or extensive studies given at the mosque in Dominican Republic. Also are there english speaking Muslims in need at the masjid?

  3. Siham says:

    Salam aleykom, I will come in RD during the Ramadan inshaAllah and would like to know if there is an area in the Mosque for woman ? Thank you !

  4. Jason Deehan says:

    Hello, I am a teacher at the Carol Morgan School. I would like to bring students for a tour of the mosque and a discussion with a representative of the mosque. Please contact me at Thank you!!

  5. I am Hafiz Muhammad usman and i want to visit this mosque Dominica republic so plz contact me of any brother how leave there.... Thanks

  6. I would like to visit this mosque please contact me with details I'm coming from Philadelphia

  7. Ahmad Begg says:

    Salaam, I just moved to Santo Domingo and would like to know at what time is Jummuah today (Feb 12).

  8. Yasir says:

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم Assalamu Alaikum, I am interested to come to Dominican Republic for this coming Ramadan, Insha-Allah. Please give me one of the brother’s email so that I can ask for information. Insha-Allah, I will be coming from Wichita KS. Jazzakumullah Khairan.

  9. Admin says:

    Thanx. picture has been removed

  10. The mosque on the third picture is NOT the Al Noor Mosque, it is the mosque in San Pedro de Macorís


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