En Naeem Mosque in Hougang - Singapore


En-Naeem Mosque (Arabic: '‎مسجد النعيم) is a mosque located at the junction of Hougang Avenue 3 and Tampines Road, in Hougang, Singapore. It is built under the Mosque Building Fund (MBF) by MUIS Mosque Management.

En-Naeem Mosque was built under the Phase Two of the Mosque Building Fund in 1983. The masjid, which is located at the junction of Tampines Road and Hougang Ave 3, has its box-like structure and tall minaret that stands out prominently, next to the high-rise residential flats. It serves the religious needs of residence in surrounding Hougang areas.

The mosque had undergone a major upgrading in 2006 which increased its capacity to 2,500 worshippers. It offers daily kindergarten and madrasah classes. Muslims can also benefit from its computer classes that are jointly organized with self-help groups;


Address: En-Naeem Mosque
120 Tampines Rd
Singapore 535136

Map for En-Naeem Mosque

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