Kakrail Mosque in Dhaka - Bangladesh


Kakrail Mosque (Bengali: কাকরাইল মসজিদ) is a mosque located near Ramna Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is the center of Tablighi activities in Bangladesh.

Basically, it is to Bangladesh what Nizamuddin and Raiwind are to India and Pakistan respectively. Just like all Tablighi centers, the motto of those frequenting this mosque is that all people should live in peace and all people should get ultimate success in this world as well as the hereafter by gaining salvation from hell and gain entry into paradise. They mostly talk about Allah, Jannat, Jahannam and his angels; and that of below the earth (of the grave and the hereafter).;


Address: Kakrail Mosque
Hare Rd, Dhaka, บังกลาเทศ ‎

Map for Kakrail Mosque

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