al Rahman mosque in Milan - Italy


al Rahman mosque in Milan - Italy

Mosque of Segrate (Italian: Moschea di Segrate), also known as Masjid al-Rahmàn or Mosque of the Merciful, is a mosque in Milan, Italy, located on the border to Segrate and the Milano Due suburb. It was the first mosque with a dome and minaret to be built in Italy after the demolition of the last mosques in Lucera in 1300. The mosque opened on 28 May 1988, and it has been, ever since, Milan's most important mosque and the second-most important mosque in Italy after that of Rome.

The mosque depends on the cultural association "Muslim Centre for Milan and Lombardy", which publishes one of the most important Muslim magazines in Italian, Il messaggero dell'Islam ("The Messenger of Islam").;


Address: Moschea Segrate
Via Cassanese, 3, 20090 Segrate Milano, Italy

Map for Moschea Segrate

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