Al Badiyah Mosque in Fujairah - United Arab Emirates


Al Badiyah Mosque, sometimes written Al Bidyah or Al Bidya. It is the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates located in Al Badiyah / a small village in Dibba, northern part of the emirate of Fujairah, UAE.

This mosque is also known as Ottoman Mosque (named after the person who had constructed it). Not to be confused with Ottoman Empire. It is not sure when the mosque was constructed and because the mud and stone built structure uses no wood, its exact date of construction is unknown as radiocarbon dating is not possible for structures like this. It is estimated to date to the 15th century, however some estimates place the building’s age a thousand years before the arrival of Islam in UAE. The site was investigated by the archaeological center of Fujairah in co-operation with the Australian, University of Sydney from 1997-98. and Fujairah Archaeology and Heritage Department came up with the conclusion that the mosque was believed to be built in 1446 AD, along with the two watch towers overlooking the mosque and the village.;


address: Al Badiyah Mosque
E 99 – Al Badiyah – United Arab Emirates ‎

map for Al Badiyah Mosque

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