Nebi Akasha Mosque in Jerusalem - Israel


Nebi Akasha Mosque, also Okasha mosque or Ukasha mosque, is a historic mosque located in Jerusalem, Israel. The mosque was built in the 19th century beside the 12th-century tomb of Nebi Akasha Bin Mohsin, one of the disciples of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Islamic tradition, Saladin's soldiers were buried at the site. Additions were made to the tomb by the Mamluks in the 13th-century. There is also a tradition that Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were buried here, leading the British High Commissioner John Chancellor to name the nearby street Street of the Prophets.

On August 26, 1929, during the 1929 Palestine riots, the mosque was attacked by a group of Jews in response to Arab massacres. The mosque was badly damaged and the tombs were desecrated.As a result of the Palestinian Arab exodus from western Jerusalem during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, the mosque was abandoned. Today, it is located in the middle of a park in a Haredi Jewish neighborhood. It is situated near the junction of Straus Street and the Street of the Prophets.

On 14 December 2011 the mosque was defaced with graffiti by right-wing extremists who tried to set fire to it in a price tag attack.The mosque is not active and the Jerusalem Municipality uses it as a warehouse.;


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