fethiye mosque in istanbul - turkey


Fethiye camii, formerly called the Theotokos Pammacaristos Church, is located at Fener. A church formed by a main sanctuary was built in the 11th century by John Comnenus and his wife Anna Doukaina. The church was rebuilt in the early 14th century by Michael Glabas who added a side chapel to the southeast as a burial place for himself and his family. The finest examples of golden mosaics dating from the 14th century can be seen here. In 1455, the Orthodox patriarchate was transferred here from the Church of the Saint Apostles, then moved to St George Church in 1586 when the church was turned into a mosque. Its Turkish name, meaning “Mosque of the victory”, was given to commemorate Sultan Murat III ’s victories. While the main building is still used as a mosque, the funerary chapel which contains the mosaics is now a museum currently open to visitors;


Address: Fethiye Cami
Balat Mh., 34087 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey ‎

map for Fethiye Cami

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