Geneva Mosque in Geneva - Switzerland


Geneva Mosque (also known as: Mosque Petit-Saconnex) was constructed in 1978 in the neighbourhood Le Petit-Saconnex in Geneva, Switzerland.

The mosque was inaugurated by the Saudi Arabian King Khalid ibn Abd al-Aziz and President of the Swiss Confederation Willi Ritschard and is the greatest mosque in Switzerland. The building has space for 1,500 worshippers. The Imam of the mosque is Yahya Basalamah.;


Address: Fondation Culturelle Islamique
Chemin Colladon 34,
1209 Genève, Switzerland ‎

Map for Fondation Culturelle Islamique

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  1. AHussain says:

    Eid ul Adha prayers normally held at Palexpo which is very close to the Geneva airport. From Gare Cornavin, Bus No 5 goes to Palexpo. Further details about local transportation you can ask from the hotel reception

  2. Soban says:

    I am going to visit Geneva and arriving on 11th night. I will be staying in a hotel called Apparte'City-Gaillard (Ex Park & Suites) located at Houte-Savoie. Want to know when is the Eidul Adha prayers to be held and what time (or times if more than one prayer). Secondly how to come there from my hotel by public transport. Thirdly, whether ladies are allowed or not. Thank you.


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