Khairuddin Mosque in Amritsar - India


Khairuddin Mosque in Amritsar - India
The beautiful Khair ud Din Masjid was built in 1876 by Muhammad Khairuddin. The mosque holds great importance in India’s freedom struggle. It was from this mosque that Tootie-e-Hind, Shah Attaullah Bukhari, called upon the people to wage war against the British rulers. Apart from the historical and religious importance that the mosque holds, the architecture of the mosque is a spectacle to behold.;


address:Khairuddin Mosque
Hall bazal, amritsar

map for Khairuddin Mosque

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  1. Hello Atif, I am sitting there this Khairuddin mosque and reading your comment. I will try to help you to find you grand father's school and Mohalla. Please email me at to discuss this further.

  2. Atif says:

    Assalamo alikum! I'm from Pakistan...Before partitian my grand Father was serving as Imam o Khateeb in a Masjid in Amritsar and was living at Mohallah Katra Karam Singh... He also taught Arabic in a High School in Amritsar that time...He was one of the best friend of Molana Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari...Actually i want to know about the Masjid and School where he served.Can any one guide me please.My grand father name was Molana Abdul Hakeem Peshawari and His secretary name was Munshi Ghulam Sadiq...


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