Munshibari Jama Mosque in Taltoli - Bangladesh


Taltoli Jama Masjid (formerly known as the Munshibari Jama Masjid) is a 19th century Jama Masjid of the village of Taltoli in Comilla, Bangladesh. It was completed in 1891 in British India by Ab'dul Hamid Munshi of the Munshibari estate by a pond owned by the Munshibari family. Since then, the Imams and Muezzins called on the local muslims to the congregational mosque (then known as the Munshibari Masjid), where Jumu'ah or weekly Friday noon congregation prayers took place.

Built by local masons, the structure is of Indo-Saracenic and Indo-Islamic blend. It has four minarets in four corners of the structure, a hall way, the Mihrab in the main prayer room (musallah).

The Mihrab also has a Minbar for regional khatibs to deliver sermons (khutbah) The exterior has a corridor by the pond for ritual purification (Wudu). The stairs lead to the top of the mosque. The structure also houses a living quarter for the islamic scholars, and carved in library in the main hall for scriptures used during Madrasah lessons.;


address: Taltola Jame Masjid
কামাল উদ্দিন চৌধুরী রোড, Comilla 3500, Bangladesh

Map for Taltola Jame Masjid

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