Jarvenpaa mosque in Finland


Jarvenpaa mosque in Finland

Järvenpää mosque is a mosque located in the town of Järvenpää, Finland, some 30 kilometres out of capital Helsinki.

It was built in 1942 by Finnish Tatars and it is owned by Finnish Islamic Congregation (Tatar: Finlandiya Islam Cemaati). The mosque is made of wood and it has a small minaret although it has never been used for the call to prayer. Järvenpää mosque is the only building in Finland that is originally built to serve as a mosque. It was renovated in 2009.;


Address: Järvenpään Moskeija
Pöytäalhonkuja 4 B, Kerhotila, (004400) Järvenpää

Map for Järvenpään Moskeija

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