Mufti Jami Mosque in Feodosiya - Ukraine


Mufti Jami Mosque in Feodosiya - Ukraine

Mufti-Jami Mosque, (Ukrainian: Муфті Джамі, Crimean Tatar: Müfti Cami) is located in Feodosiya, Russia/Ukraine. Construction began on the mosque in 1623 and was completed in 1637. The mosque was built in the tradition of Ottoman architecture. After Crimea was joined to the Russian Empire the mosque became an Armenian Catholic Church. In 1975 efforts were made to restore the building to its original appearance. Ownership was returned to the Muslim community and in 1998 regular services began.;


address:Mechet' Muftiy-Dzhami
Karaimska St, 1
Feodosiya, Crimea, Ukraine

Map for Mechet' Muftiy-Dzhami

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